Trustees/Committee Members

The Society is a registered charity and is administered on a day-to-day basis by the Executive Committee, all of whom are Trustees. Their activity is in turn scrutinised by the Custodian Trustees who meet the Executive on a regular basis to discuss the activities of the Society.

President : John Cooper
Vice Presidents: John Leech, Jean Talbot, Barry Hinchliff, Arthur Collins
Custodian Trustees : Norman Cuddeford, John Blackman, Frank Wenstrom, Michael Greenslade

Members of the Executive are approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Enquiries about particular issues should be made to the relevant Committee member using the links below.

Chris Davidson – Chairman

Rowena Bennett – Secretary

Anne Johnson – Treasurer

Valerie Whittle – Vice-Chairman
Kipling Gardens

John Loveridge, Membership Secretary

Colin Dellar –
The Windmill/ The Grange (buildings)

Ken Bodfish – Planning

Rob Upward – Steward coordinator

Associate Members

The Associate Members hold important positions for the effective operation of the Society but are not Trustees. They report regularly to the Executive at their committee meetings.

Marcus Bagshaw – Curator

Anne-Sara Odor – Art Gallery Organiser

Michael Laslett – Archivist

Gabrielle Dempster – Assoc. Archivist

The Grange Museum and Gallery

April - October
Weekdays: 10.30am - 4.00pm (closed Wednesday)
Sunday: 2.00pm-4.00pm


Rottingdean Windmill Open Days 2017

The Mill will be open from 2.00-4.30pm this summer on:

MAY*: Sat / Sun 6th / 7th; 13th/14th**; 20th/21st; 27th/28th
JUNE: Sun 18th
JULY: Sun 2nd and 16th
AUG: Sun 6th and 20th
SEPT: Sun 17th

** Baron Gilvan exhibition
*National Mills Weekend