Achille Salerno presents Still Life

GetInlinelThe Grange Gallery 26th September – 8th October 2013

Achille Salerno presents his Still Life Paintings. They are portraits of fruit painted with a specially refined watercolour technique. They are not simply still life paintings but also metaphysical tales telling the existence of the real objects in their beauty and their form, their experience lived and written in the wounds on their skins, in the mutation of their colours, in the relaxation of their pulp.

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One comment on “Achille Salerno presents Still Life
  1. Alanna McIntyre says:

    Archille Salerno, a Sardinian painter exhibits at the Grange in Rottingdean. Still life is immaculately executed in watercolour metaphysically fly off the walls. They are painted on white backgrounds.
    The technique brings out their inner beauty and a sense of joy and the bruises life has left on their outer skins. The yellowing pear hidden in a book has sculpted womanly curves with the roundness and slight pigmentation of age. An onion has in its centre an area of subliminal thoughts which are an echo of the tempura paintings
    At the end of the room he has installed an intercellular laser display. He bought it over in a van. The steel upright has circular and spherical spheres orbiting the inner tightroped wires laced with crystals and other geometric shapes have projected shadows on the ceiling and surrounding walls. Miniscule lazer flashes of primary colours sparkle on the walls while the spherical shadows move in different coloured areas. These ideas and images are caught in tempura which is more elastic than watercolour. Its vibration allows improvisation and vibration in its vibrant colours of free drawn circles and geometric shapes. These fight to see the light through the vigour of the strokes and their urgency to appear against the mainly darkish blue background.
    Clouds are stippled in where thought has momentarily blurred thoughts. On one painting the moon is over a landscape of a more conventional kind. The room has a feeling of poetic thought with a sense of synaesthesia in the association of ideas.
    Salerno paints every day; even though today he is wrapped up warm and he’s momentarily chosen to take a stroll in the gardens as he has flu He joins me in the gallery. The figs are bursting open their tiny seeds expose their fragility and their beauty. You want to touch and stroke them. The tomatoes are full rounded and sing of the joy of their goodness. The jewelled fruit within the pomegranate contrast with its leathered mottled skin.
    There are no cards to remind me of the experience so I roughly scribble down my impressions and speak of how it makes me fell. My strokes on the page are a calligraphy of shapes, and colours. Salerno has exhibited in Paris and Sardinia. I feel his mind jumping with ideas and thoughts but the still life connects to me more and my love of food, its sensuous quality which doesn’t lie solid on a table but makes me look at the canvas admiring that even the ordinary is beguiling and is more than skin deep.

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