Annual General Meeting 2017


The annual meeting was held on Thursday 3rd November 7.30 at the Whiteway Centre. The Chairman reviewed the activity of the Society over the past year, with record numbers attending the Windmill Open Days and over 7300 visitors to the Grange Gallery and Museum. The most important item, however, was approval of a new lease that the Society has negotiated with BHCC to extend our contract for the Windmill for a further 25 years. This item had received general approval at the last AGM in Oct 2016, but the Society has since then taken full legal advice and carried out a full up-to-date survey of the Windmill, before agreeing the final terms. The new contract crucially has a break clause of six months, which gives the Society much greater flexibility in the future.

You can read the draft minutes of the AGM here and download a full copy of the Annual Report here.

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