JANUARY 20 – 28

JH Taylor horse and cart
Fascinating treasures, previously unexhibited, from the Rottingdean Preservation Society archives of historical Rottingdean village and inhabitants going about their daily working and domestic lives.  Photographs, diaries, letters, ledgers, plans, postcards and artifacts. The exhibition has been created by local archivist Mike Laslett who writes regularly for the Deans magazine on local history.


Here you will find links to the pages for the exhibitions held in the Grange Gallery last year.

In the Circle Dec 7-21st

Dec exhibition


Jane Bentley, Barbara Collins, Alex Hollingworth are three East Sussex friends who celebrate the joy of friendship with painting, lino cuts and ceramics.





Christmas Gift Fair 16 November – 5 December

Xmas Fair 2


Christmas Gift Fair is part of the ARTISTS OPEN HOUSES

Small art works, wood cuts, prints, ceramics, textile arts, jewellery, local honey, and seasonal cards – all at prices to suit the Christmas Stocking!





RED Oct 20th – Nov 14th

REDRed has been the basis for Platform’s collective exhibition and research. Red is evocative, it exudes drama, danger, sex appeal, glamour and politics. This exhibition brings together nine artists exploring aspects of this most evocative of colours, with each artist inspired to create new work.

Taking individual starting points to Red, influenced by their own practice, the artists explore interior and exterior space, identity, displacement, materiality, the body, ways of seeing, and storytelling and rituals. A wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, film, site-specific installation, photography and drawing has been used by the artists in this exhibition.


Lucy Brown, Jayne Wilson, Jane Andrews, Eva Kalpadaki, Jane Ponsford,

Gabby Dempster, Helen Goodwin, Teresa Whitfield, Caitlin Heffernan


Eric Slater: Oct 4th-18th

exhib posterJames Trollope writes:

“I bought an Eric Slater colour woodcut of Seaford Head seven years ago because it’s a lovely image of my home town but could find little about the artist’s life so started my own research. One thing led to another!

First an exhibition at Towner in Eastbourne, then a book (“Slater’s Sussex”) followed by a Brighton and Hove bus being named after him, a Slater Trail (a 2 hour walk taking in views which inspired him) and his work being appraised on the Antiques Roadshow (among other things).

His woodcuts are now highly collectable and a few will be on sale at the Grange in October. There will also be a chance to buy framed GICLEE prints of his work mostly numbered 1/250. The talk will explain how a Sussex artist came to adopt a Japanese method of colour printmaking and the exhibition will also include some original prints by Yoshijiro Urushibara (1888-1953), a Japanese friend and colleague of (1896-1963). Some of Urushibara’s prints will also be for sale.

Most of Slater’s prints are of recognisable places in Sussex, evoking the county’s landscape.”


Rafaele Appleby: 21 September – 3 October.

(Great-Granddaughter of Sir William Nicholson)

IMG_3404“Williams Nicholson was my great-grandfather and I wanted the work for my show as a response to him in some way.”  The words of the artist, Rafaele Appleby. “It is wild places that inspire me – rock – seascapes – skyscapes and sometimes a flower.” Rafaele lives in Cumbria and having visited the Grange Gallery for the first time was “Delighted to be offered the chance to have an exhibition here.”
wild onshore wind

During her exhibition, Rafaele will take part on 23 September in a Study Day at the Whiteway Centre, a joint event with the Rottingdean Preservation Society.  “The Nicholson Family of Artists,” will focus on the legendary artistic family and include the official opening of the re-furbished William Nicholson  Studio by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove.  There will be lectures on William Nicholson, Ben Nicholson; and one by Rafael  about Ben Nicholson’s painter wife entitled“Winifred Nicholson and her family.”


magical dewpond

Blown away

During her exhibition, Rafaele took part on 23 September in a Study Day at the Whiteway Centre, a joint event with the Rottingdean Preservation Society.  “The Nicholson Family of Artists,” focussed on the legendary artistic family and include the official opening of the re-furbished William Nicholson  Studio by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove.  There were lectures on William Nicholson, Ben Nicholson; and one by Rafael  about Ben Nicholson’s painter wife entitled “Winifred Nicholson and her family.”

“Visual Musings” Diane Avis

7 – 20 September.

Diane lives outside Santa Fe in the foothills of New Mexico and has exhibited in New Mexico, California, Las Vegas and after her Grange exhibition, will have a solo show in Santa Fe.  “I work primarily in oils on canvas and wood, though I also make prints and drawings. Art, like mythology, should act as a portal to the spiritual; a way to access the deeper meaning that is often missing in our day- to- day lives.”


7 Doors


 Rottingdean Camera Club: “In Focus.” 24 August – 5 September.

Members’ photographs reflect their interests, including landscape, fauna, street and abstract.  “The club is in its’ 42nd year. We are a small and friendly club,” says Alan Smallman “We hold competitions and have guest speakers to talk on various photographic subjects.”

SUNSET RIG by Jonathan Prior

Rottingdean-Albi H. (1)

Woodingdean Sunset-Albi-3.09 (1)


 Julian Hayward: A Shifting Focus

August 10th – 22nd.

Julian Hayward trained as a designer, and throughout his life he enjoyed drawing. He was a lecturer at Brighton Polytechnic (now Brighton University) for 25 years, teaching Interior Design in the Department of Architecture.As he approached retirement he took a certificate course in print-making, a medium with which he felt a great affinity. In retirement he expanded his practice to include painting. His greatest enthusiasm in life was reserved for the environment, especially the Arctic and Antarctic environment, along with astronomy and music, interests reflected in his work. In May 2016 he booked the Gallery at the Grange for this exhibition, but died after a short illness in June 2016. The exhibition is intended by his family as a tribute to him.


1.Concepts of Space1 by Julian Hayward, mixed media painting 76x64cm5. Eruption painting by Julian Hayward, mixed media painting 78x67cm



After the Artist’s Open House in May, the Grange Gallery continued with a refreshing and stimulating variety of exhibitions for June and July.

1 – 20 June. RETHREADED is a group of eight textile artists who have all stitched from an early age. “We’ve been together as a group since we completed a three year Experimental Textiles adult Education course”

DSC03688 cs

13 – 18 July. THE LITTLE PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHS is a child-friendly exhibition by Paul Rowland of toy people photographed in unusual places.


20 July – 8 August. Mick Bensley, marine artist, will be showing new works. He divides his time between painting, teaching. “I continue to paint a range of subjects including portraits of people, their pets, landscapes, seascapes.”



  Works by Carol Lawson, Nichola Campbell & Chris McEwan

  Including Chris McEwan’s amazing robot and space toy collection

The Downs #8 copyCAROL LAWSON – Carol’s series of pastel paintings was inspired by the ever-changing patterns and colours of the South Downs. The landscapes transformed by the passing seasons and the weather.




Rock pool

NICHOLA CAMPBELL – Nichola’s new work is inspired by the sea, the rock pools and creatures of the seashore. Working experimentally with inks on wood blocks to capture the textures and brilliant colours of the undersea world.



CHRIS McEWAN – Chris’s work is inspired by his love of machines and mechanical devices and his own    collection of space toys. Most people assume they know about robots, having relegated them to the status of children’s toys. However, faced with a collection of several hundred such toys, they experience a child-like sense of wonder at their originality and design.


Chris with robots copy

Friends copy



AOH flyerfrontAOH flyerbackProving that the Brighton Festival isn’t confined to the city of Brighton, The Grange Art Gallery once again has an Artists’ Open House exhibition throughout May.

It covers an intriguing multi-art genre: watercolours, acrylics, oils, collage, photography, woodwork, pottery…and much more. A remarkable group of fifteen local artists are participating: Mike Hatchard, Maggie Cummings, Paul Rowlands, Susie Patterson, Amanda Davidson, Bob Webzell, Nichola Campbell, Jan Mnich, Sara Hill, Rob Upward, JCJ Pottery, John Plater, Mick Bensley, and Barry Hinchliff.

And against this background( perhaps before or after you’ve relaxed in the lovely Lutyens/Jekyll tea garden), the Gallery bolsters the exhibition with a wide- range of events and talks for all ages:

6 May. 2.00 – 3.00 p.m. “Art should be accessible and shouldn’t be daunting to children” says Rob Upward, who will give a talk to primary aged children entitled “Picture This. What is Art?” This will be an informal talk in Rottingdean Library, followed by a tour of the AOH exhibition in the Grange Gallery.
Rob was a headmaster, who found more time to concentrate on painting once he retired.

10 May. 6.30 p.m. Bob Webzell, who has competed internationally with his photography since 2000, helped form a charity and build the Noonkodin Secondary School for the Maasai people in Tanzania. All the proceeds of Bob’s photography go to the Maasai school, and this talk will reflect his latest visit to the school and the one- man exhibition he produced here at the Grange.

LosGringosPosterFlyerPRINT17 May. 6.30 p.m. An Artist’s Lecture by John Plater, woodturner. Most of John’s work is based on natural edged hollowed from timber ‘in the round. Simple shapes without decoration, colour or texture are used to allow the subtleties of grain to come through.

24 May. 6.30 p.m. Jazz Piano Artist’s Concert with Mike Hatchard, entitled The Music of an Artist.

27 May. 11.00 to 3.00p.m. Photography Workshop for Children. Three workshops. Paul Rowland, photographer – toy macros photography.

Meanwhile, over at Rottingdean Windmill, Baron Gilvan is Artist in Residence for “Snowball Down A Mountain”. On May 6/7: 13/14:20/21: 27/28 between 1.00 to 4.30 p.m. he will set up his studio in the windmill to create what he describes as paintings, drawing and animations investigating psychological dreamworlds through automatism and intuition. “Art is born of trauma,” says Gilvan, whose work references his own life experiences which have made him question the relationship with reality and illusion. The windmill will become “a fantastical playground studio where the Baron feverishly converts line and paint into food for the soul.”

April 21st-May 2nd

Past and Present Exhibition :

Guest Artists:  Dawn Finn and Janette Gibson

Maggie Johnson

I met Dawn and Janette at a studio in Kentish Town where our mutual love of printmaking has led to this exhibition.

Having retired after teaching art for many years I have been able to spend more time enjoying what I do. Basically going wherever I want and working on any art projects that interest me.

The title of this exhibition refers in part, to my fascination with old photographs and a body of my work reflects on my own personal family history.

The present is represented by a variety of subject matter including the lighthouse series made following a trip around the British Isles; landscape and still life. All explore various printmaking techniques including etching, aquatint, lino and photo-etching. All etchings and prints are produced by hand and as a limited edition.










Janette Gibson

The collection of plant portraits created for ‘Past and Present’ at The Grange Gallery have been inspired by herbarium collections of botanical specimens. The prints combine intaglio, photo etch and nature printing. The ‘Indigo Herbarium’ print series has evolved from my collection of Japanese folk textiles combined with indigenous plants of Japan, using a palette of indigo and white. I am interested in the many varied uses of plants and I am currently working on a series of prints based upon traditional dye yielding plants from seed to print.

Indigo bamboo IV

Isatis tinctoria I

 Dawn Finn

My recent work of the last year captures the held memories of colour, form and movement experienced in my youth whilst driving the western coastal road of the USA from Vancouver through Mendocino County to LA. Unknown to me at the time I had no idea how much the “bay area’ abstract expressionist would play such an influential and significant part in my later work. The use of applied colour eluding to shape and emotion both reflect and support an experimental  and playful use of a colour palette emerging in my monotype prints.

Hazy Daze-25x34-053


Mar 13th – Apr 18th

‘Beyond the Glade’​​

Seven Sisters: Paintings and Demonstrations

Mar 9th-28th

Mike Hatchard

 Painter and Jazz Pianist

Feb 23rd – Mar 7th

Rottingdean Art Club

Local Rottingdean Art group who meet to paint together once a week