African Dream – Inspiring Words & Images from the Luminous Continent

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The Grange Gallery 25th July – 13th August 2013

At their first meeting at The Grange in 2011 African poet and author, Wayne Visser, looking at the photography of Rottingdean photographer, Bob Webzell, suggested ‘there is a book in this for us’ and two years later, African Dream is the exhibition of the book of the same title. The exhibition, launched in Rottingdean, before moving to London, Henley and possibly Liverpool, features four of Wayne’s best African poems, ‘I am an African’, ‘I know a place in Africa’, ‘Prayer for Africa’ and ‘African Dream’ and the 72 international exhibition standard images that illustrate the poems in the book.

Every penny of the proceeds of this exhibition and sales will be donated by Bob to the Serian UK charity and be used to build and develop Noonkodin Secondary School in Maasailands Tanzania. Bob makes a point of paying all of his exhibition and image costs himself so that the charity receives more.

For more information of the artists and charity please see and contact: