Mick Bensley presents An Exhibition of Watercolours & Pastels

15th August – 10th September 2013

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Mick was born at Sheringham, on the North Norfolk coast. Growing up by the North Sea, he developed a profound understanding of its many moods and menacing adverse weather conditions which blossomed into the all consuming fascination and desire to paint it. In the late sixties, after reading Cyril Jolly’s book ‘Henry Blogg of Cromer’, Mick produced his first watercolour paintings of maritime rescues. The descriptions of the rescues, impossible feats against overwhelming odds and the courage of the lifeboat men who risked their own lives to save those in peril are what moved Mick to paint this subject.

This exhibition’s primary showcase is the reconstruction of past and present maritime rescues rendered through the use of watercolours or pastels and based on service reports obtained through close contact with the RNLI. In rendering these maritime rescues Mick obtains such necessary details as wind force, wind direction, time of day; all from the service reports in order to get a clear idea of the state of the sea during the event itself, all to make the reconstruction as true to life as possible.