Past and Present Exhibition – 20th April – 2nd May

Past and Present Exhibition

Guest Artists:  Dawn Finn and Janette Gibson

Maggie Johnson

I met Dawn and Janette at a studio in Kentish Town where our mutual love of printmaking has led to this exhibition.

Having retired after teaching art for many years I have been able to spend more time enjoying what I do. Basically going wherever I want and working on any art projects that interest me.

The title of this exhibition refers in part, to my fascination with old photographs and a body of my work reflects on my own personal family history.

The present is represented by a variety of subject matter including the lighthouse series made following a trip around the British Isles; landscape and still life. All explore various printmaking techniques including etching, aquatint, lino and photo-etching. All etchings and prints are produced by hand and as a limited edition.





Janette Gibson

The collection of plant portraits created for ‘Past and Present’ at The Grange Gallery have been inspired by herbarium collections of botanical specimens. The prints combine intaglio, photo etch and nature printing. The ‘Indigo Herbarium’ print series has evolved from my collection of Japanese folk textiles combined with indigenous plants of Japan, using a palette of indigo and white. I am interested in the many varied uses of plants and I am currently working on a series of prints based upon traditional dye yielding plants from seed to print.

Indigo bamboo IV

indigo bamboo V

Phyllostachys aurea

Indigo Ginkgo


Isatis tinctoria I

Dawn Finn

My recent work of the last year captures the held memories of colour, form and movement experienced in my youth whilst driving the western coastal road of the USA from Vancouver through Mendocino County to LA. Unknown to me at the time I had no idea how much the “bay area’ abstract expressionist would play such an influential and significant part in my later work. The use of applied colour eluding to shape and emotion both reflect and support an experimental  and playful use of a colour palette emerging in my monotype prints.

Hazy Daze-25x34-053


Hazy Daze-25x34-053-1


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