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The Rottingdean Preservation Society looks after the Grange Art Gallery and Museum as well as the Rottingdean Windmill and Kipling Gardens. The Society also fights to preserve the beautiful downland around the village and the wonderful historic buildings that create the unique character of Rottingdean.


Originating from the former Rottingdean Ratepayers’ Association the Society, as we know it today, came into being following the publication of the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act whereby every local authority had to submit a development plan by the end of that year. Residents felt that Rottingdean was taking a disproportionate share of the proposed increase in housing which would effectively ruin its historic village character.


One of the early successes of the Preservation Society was their opposition to the development of the Kipling Gardens, now such a centerpiece of the village, and the Society still retains strong management liaison with the City Council via a member of its Executive Committee and The Friends of Kipling Gardens.


While development and population have moved on apace over the past half-century the aims of the Society remain the same – to preserve its historic buildings, cultivate and encourage interest in them and the village and oppose, where possible, any schemes that would threaten the unique character of Rottingdean. The Society continues to keep a watchful eye on planning applications and liaise closely in this with the Parish Council.


When the Rottingdean Parish Council was reformed in 1996 the question was asked as to whether the Preservation Society was still essential for the wellbeing of the village. But the roles of the two organisations differ considerably and the Preservation Society remains essential for the upkeep and maintenance of the three important village assets – the Windmill, the Kipling Gardens and the Grange Museum and Art Gallery.


These responsibilities lay outside the local government remit of the Parish Council and rest squarely on the shoulders of the many volunteers who form the backbone of the Society today. Importantly, the separate identities of the two organisations also allow for the Preservation Society to make representations on matters where its views might differ from those of the Parish Council.


A bequest is a transfer of cash or property by your will. After providing for your family and loved ones, you may choose to include The Rottingdean Preservation Society in your will. For further information please call 01273 301004.

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